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The European Car Crisis
Jul 25, 2013

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants analyzes the state and outlook of the European automotive market and the implications on the North American supply base  >>

Quo vadis Europe?
Jul 16, 2013

The European Car Crisis and Implication on the North American Supply Base  >>

Jun 14, 2013

Cut costs, or boost growth? The right answer for recession-hit companies is both. Strategic restructuring has become a key issue for top management - and it's here to stay  >>

Jun 4, 2013

Despite mature technology and better cost structures, production forecasts for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) are gloomy  >>

Advances in rail and metro transport pinned on technology
May 28, 2013

Congestion is costing the world’s biggest cities billions of dollars a year and the problem will get worse with the percentage of the population living in urban areas set to jump from half to 70% by 2050  >>

May 4, 2013

At today's International Partner Meeting, Dr. Martin C. Wittig stepped down as CEO for health reasons. Burkhard Schwenker is new and old CEO  >>


CPO Agenda 2016  

While leveraging digitized operations is identified as a big upcoming challenge in procurement,... >>

Engineering Brexit  

Science and engineering related industries have a disproportionate amount to lose >>

Chief restructurers see...  

The demands on Chief Restructuring Officers (CROs) are rising. For one thing, their role is ever... >>

Automated Trucks – The next...  

The trucking industry is facing several challenges that can potentially be addressed by automated... >>

Integrated Fuels and Vehicles...  

EU road transport sector could reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent between... >>