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Local News

Insight Report: Rebuilding Europe's Competitiveness
Jan 24, 2013

Europe’s competitiveness deficit, and its competitiveness divide between Southern and Eastern Europe and their neighbors to the north, is the root cause of stagnating or declining growth  >>

Connected Mobility 2025
Jan 21, 2013

Personal mobility is key to the success and prosperity of every country's economy. But the growing population in the world's largest conurbations and the increasing amount of traffic are leading to paralysis.  >>

How to reach emerging market consumers with new strategies
Jan 18, 2013

By 2020, developing countries and emerging markets will be home to an estimated 80% of the world's middle class. And rising incomes, progressive urbanization and better availability of goods are fundamentally changing consumption habits.  >>

Pharma's fight for profitability
Jan 5, 2013

Increasing price and cost pressure, regulatory changes and expiring patents are leading to shrinking margins in the pharmaceutical industry.  >>

Global Investment Banking Outlook / Winter 2012
Nov 19, 2012

New Roland Berger study: Investment banking revenues up, but more restructuring and consolidation expected  >>

Mastering product complexity
Nov 7, 2012

"Mastering product complexity": Product complexity has more than doubled over the last 15 years. Complex production and sales processes weaken a company's competitiveness  >>

Roland Berger News

Telecommunication companies...  

New challenges await telecommunication companies in Europe: The cost-cutting strategies that have... >>

Digitalization and social...  

New publication from Roland Berger and the University of Münster: Social media creates new... >>

Financial performance of European insurers

[PDF] Financial performance of European...  

Aug 13, 2014

Roland Berger experts have analyzed the financial performance of the Top 30 European insurers >>

The Bretton Woods agreements

The Bretton Woods agreements  

Aug 01, 2014

70 years ago, the Allied nations recast the world monetary system at the Mount Washington Hotel in... >>