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Media 2020
Jul 18, 2014

There is no doubt: maintaining audience attention and commitment, even more than getting "traffic", will be a key challenge for media companies in the coming years.  >>

THINK ACT – Socialize your business
Jul 18, 2014

There are ten things executives should know about digitalization and social media. Read more in our latest THINK ACT  >>

THINK ACT – Shared Mobility
Jul 17, 2014

Usage is replacing ownership. This change in consumer habits is set to transform future private transportation. Shared mobility will see rising revenues and growing customer numbers.  >>

THINK ACT – The Winners
Jul 9, 2014

Four strategic attributes enable companies to consistently drive superior shareholder returns  >>

Leading Marketing in a digital world
Jul 2, 2014

How will technology trends, new data sources and analytics impact Marketing as a function, and what can Marketing leaders do today to prepare their organizations for the future?  >>

 Russian Automotive Market Study 2014
May 28, 2014

Russia has not met the optimistic expectations of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Read more in our latest press release on the study "Russia at the crossroads"  >>


New study "Integrated...  

EU road transport sector could reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent between... >>

New study: Industrie 4.0  

The industrial sector's transition to Industrie 4.0 is much more than a question of technology.... >>

New Roland Berger study: Being...  

Mexico's automotive industry has been growing at an impressive 8% in the last 5 years. From... >>

New study on the French...  

France's start-up scene is young, male, very well educated and seeking a challenge >>

AmCham Germany Business...  

Investment climate for 2016 more positive among US companies >>