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Oct 14, 2013

Scarce materials are the Achilles' heel of industry. Carefully and forward-looking actions can provide a more reliable, calculable basis in times of extreme volatility...  >>

Optimizing import models
Aug 27, 2013

Over the last decade retailers have increased their sourcing from Low Cost Countries (LCCs), seeking to obtain the best possible purchase price. However, sourcing products from countries offering the cheapest unit price is no longer the key focus with a stronger emphasis now placed upon improving the holistic performance of import models.  >>

think: act CONTENT on the shale gas phenomenon
Jul 30, 2013

Roland Berger experts highlight the relevance of this resource to the US energy landscape – by 2050, shale gas could make up 50% of total gas produced in the US  >>

The European Car Crisis
Jul 25, 2013

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants analyzes the state and outlook of the European automotive market and the implications on the North American supply base  >>

Quo vadis Europe?
Jul 16, 2013

The European Car Crisis and Implication on the North American Supply Base  >>

Jun 14, 2013

Cut costs, or boost growth? The right answer for recession-hit companies is both. Strategic restructuring has become a key issue for top management - and it's here to stay  >>

Roland Berger News

The commodity trap: More than...  

A new study by Roland Berger and the International Controller Association shows that standardized... >>

Top 100 Most Influential Asian...  

Yesterday at the 2014 Boao Forum for Asia, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, with official forum... >>

Escaping the commodity trap – How to regain a competitive edge in commodity markets

Escaping the commodity trap – How to...  

Apr 22, 2014

This study done with the International Controller Association shows that standardized products are... >>

Portfolio management in the chemical industry

Portfolio management in the chemical...  

Apr 14, 2014

There is clearly an ongoing portfolio management trend in the chemical industry. "WINNERS"... >>