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Local News

THINK ACT – Shared Mobility
Jul 17, 2014

Usage is replacing ownership. This change in consumer habits is set to transform future private transportation. Shared mobility will see rising revenues and growing customer numbers.  >>

THINK ACT – The Winners
Jul 9, 2014

Four strategic attributes enable companies to consistently drive superior shareholder returns  >>

Leading Marketing in a digital world
Jul 2, 2014

How will technology trends, new data sources and analytics impact Marketing as a function, and what can Marketing leaders do today to prepare their organizations for the future?  >>

 Russian Automotive Market Study 2014
May 28, 2014

Russia has not met the optimistic expectations of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Read more in our latest press release on the study "Russia at the crossroads"  >>

Brazilian automotive perspectives 2014
May 19, 2014

This survey conducted by Roland Berger and Automotive Business reveals that the Brazilian automotive sector expects 2014 to be full of challenges, with moderate growth  >>

Corporate and Investment Banking Outlook
May 14, 2014

Incessant new regulations, changing client demands and ever-fiercer competition have durably eroded profitability in the Corporate and Investment Banking industry  >>

Roland Berger News

Industry 4.0 and automotive...  

Global market volume for power electronics is set to grow 7 percent per annum through 2018 – to top... >>

New Roland Berger study:...  

Automotive consumers expect the latest features and functions in electronics and safety regardless... >>

Powering ahead – Developments in power electronics mean a prospective bonanza for smart players

Powering ahead  

Jul 30, 2015

The market for power electronics is experiencing rapid growth. Experts from Roland Berger estimate... >>

Powering ahead

Powering ahead  

Jul 30, 2015

Industry 4.0 and automotive sector trigger major growth in the market for power electronics. Read... >>