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Bulgaria 2017 - a look into the future

Study, 2007

For this study 160 CEOs in seven CEE countries were interviewed regarding the changes and challenges for there countries in the next 10 years. This study describes the future development in Bulgaria …  >>

CEE Headquarters

Study, 2007

CEE has become a major growth region with high relevance across sectors – especially for Western European companies. However, the high complexity of the region makes management difficult. Due to its fragmentation, CEE requires different management approaches than Western Europe …  >>

New opportunities

Issue 10, 2007

Due to the financial crisis of the last few months, the overheated acquisitions market has cooled off markedly. The good news in all this is that acquisition premiums are falling, and strategic investors are enjoying new flexibility …  >>

B. Stauss et al., Services Science

Book by Bernd Stauss, Kai Engelmann, Anja Kremer, Achim Luhn, 2007

The service sector has dominated advanced economies for years. In many countries, it accounts for more than 70% of gross domestic product, and approximately the same percentage of all employees work in this sector …  >>

Truck market - opportunities in Russia

Study, 2007

In 2007 the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations and several large German and European car producers and suppliers asked for our expert opinion about the Russian truck market. In the overview "Opportunities in Russia" you will find out, how automotive suppliers can reduce market entry risks in Russia …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger