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Executive review 2/2007

This issue of our magazine is dedicated to finding the right strategies for designing products and solutions, always with innovation and change in mind …  >>

Globalization of R&D

Study, 2007

Roland Berger and the esb Research Institute have conducted an empirical study to explore the drivers of R&D globalization and the organizational models applied across six industries. …  >>

Worlds' most successful region

Issue 9, 2007

What factors turn an economic region into a success story? Around the globe, this question occupies the minds of policy-makers and entrepreneurs—and nowhere is there a greater diversity of opinion than in Europe …  >>

Autos for everyone

Issue 8, 2007

Cars in the under-€10 000 bracket will be a major growth market in the next few years. For international car makers, that market presents both risk and opportunity …  >>

LCC study

Study, 2006

Low cost cars represent high growth potential in various markets, presenting significant opportunities for the OEMs that are ready to reap their benefits. …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger