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THINK ACT – The Winners


Four strategic attributes enable companies to consistently drive superior shareholder returns …  >>

Leading Marketing in a digital world

Study, 2014

How will technology trends, new data sources and analytics impact Marketing as a function, and what can Marketing leaders do today to prepare their organizations for the future? …  >>

THINK ACT - China Special

THINK ACT special, 2014

Some thirty years ago, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants took on its first project in China. Since then, the country has experienced an unprecedented economic upswing, and we have been closely involved as consultants. …  >>

THINK ACT - Growth

THINK ACT magazine, 2014

In today’s saturated markets, it’s difficult to keep coming up with new business models that generate growth and maintain people’s enthusiasm with each change of direction …  >>

Sharing the future – Perspectives on the Chinese car sharing market

Study, 2014

Car sharing is a global trend. This business model, developed in industrialized countries, is meeting with increasing interest and demand in emerging economies as well, especially in Asia. …  >>

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