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Real Estate Market Development in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Study, 2013

While macro-economic conditions are improving in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, investors still remain cautious regarding new real estate projects …  >>

Optimizing import models

Study, 2013

Over the last decade retailers have increased their sourcing from Low Cost Countries (LCCs), seeking to obtain the best possible purchase price. However, sourcing products from countries offering the cheapest unit price is no longer the key focus with a stronger emphasis now placed upon improving the holistic performance of import models. …  >>

Private Health Insurance in South East Asia

think: act STUDY, 2013

This think: act STUDY focuses on the rapidly growing demand for healthcare in Southeast Asia …  >>

Scenario-based strategic planning

Book, 2013

The book published by Burkhard Schwenker and Torsten Wulf (HHL) describes scenario-based planning as an effective method for dealing with uncertainty, volatility and complexity …  >>

Scarcity – Myth or Reality?

COO Insights, 2013

Scarce materials are the Achilles' heel of industry. Carefully and forward-looking actions can provide a more reliable, calculable basis in times of extreme volatility …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger