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Netherlands – Roland Berger B.V.

The Netherlands is prospering as a European market for management consulting. The country is home to the headquarters of many multinational companies.

Roland Berger supported those companies for many years before establishing its Amsterdam office in 2002. This was the next logical step in our efforts to serve the interests of our Netherlands-based clients.

Amsterdam office


Roland Berger B.V.
World Trade Center
Strawinskylaan 581
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone +31 20 7960-600
Fax +31 20 7960-699
E-mail e-mail


Europese vrachtwagenfabrikanten zien...  

Feb 04, 2016

Europese vrachtwagenfabrikanten zien hun meest winstgevende bedrijfsonderdeel, aftersales, steeds... >>


‘Europese private equity-fondsen zitten...  

Feb 01, 2016

Europese private equity-fondsen worstelen met ruim een derde van de bedrijven in hun portfolio. Ze... >>


Recruiting information

For open positions, please visit our recruiting website at http://join.rolandberger.com/nl/carriere/  

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