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Germany – Roland Berger GmbH

Roland Berger is a major player in the highly competitive management consulting services in the German market. Established in 1967, the Munich office – Roland Berger's first office – is the nucleus of the company.

Additional offices were later established in Duesseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Today, Roland Berger is Germany's second largest management consultancy, with a share of more than one fifth of the market.

Berlin office

Our Berlin office was established in 1990, as opportunities were dawning in Eastern European markets for Western European companies and consulting firms. In a pivotal position between east and west, Berlin was the ideal location to establish a hub for our activities in this region.


Roland Berger GmbH
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Phone +49 30 39927-50
Fax +49 30 39927-3303
E-mail e-mail

Düsseldorf office

The Düsseldorf office was set up in 1982 to establish a base near the economic center of the Rhine/Ruhr area. Today, it is our second largest office in Germany, closely following our headquarters in Munich.


Roland Berger GmbH
Dreischeibenhaus 1
40211 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 4389-0
Fax +49 211 4389-2140
E-mail e-mail

Frankfurt office

Our Frankfurt office was established in the spring of 1989 for two main reasons: Frankfurt is located in the geographical center of Germany, and the service sector in Frankfurt is very strong.


Roland Berger GmbH
OpernTurm, Bockenheimer Landstraße 2-8
60306 Frankfurt am Main

Phone +49 69 299 24-60
Fax +49 69 299 24-6502
E-mail e-mail

Hamburg office

The Hamburg office was opened in 1990 as part of Roland Berger's strategic expansion throughout Germany, and in recognition of northern Germany's importance as a base for certain industries and services, such as the media and maritime sectors.


Roland Berger GmbH
Hanseatic Trade Center
Am Sandtorkai 41
20457 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 37631-40
Fax +49 40 37631-4102
E-mail e-mail

Munich office

Roland Berger was founded in Munich in 1967, where its headquarters are still located. As the largest of our global offices, Munich is home to many Competence Centers.

Street Address

Roland Berger GmbH
Sederanger 1
80538 Munich

Phone +49 89 9230-0
Fax +49 89 9230-8202
E-mail e-mail

Postal address

Roland Berger Holding GmbH
P.O. Box 22 11 63
80501 Munich

Stuttgart office

The Stuttgart office was established in 1987. This region is among the most prosperous and innovative economic areas worldwide. Numerous powerful companies from a wide range of industries have set up operations here, including one of the global players in the automotive industry. The thrifty Swabian culture also pervades the Stuttgart business environment.


Roland Berger GmbH
Loeffelstrasse 46
70597 Stuttgart

Phone +49 711 3275-70
Fax +49 711 3275-7401
E-mail e-mail

Recruiting information

For recruiting information, please contact:


Ms. Karen Lindner
Phone +49 89 9230-9122

Ms. Julia Hiemer
Phone +49 89 9230-9679

Ms. Katja Monschau
Phone +49 89 9230-9464

Ms. Isabell Schönemann
Phone +49 89 9230-9583

To apply for a consulting position, please go to our job opportunities  .


Ms. Franziska Fuchs
Phone +49 89 9230-8375

Ms. Stefanie Galdia
Phone +49 89 9230-9265

Ms. Sabine Müller
Phone +49 89 9230-9946

To apply for an internship in consulting, please go to our job opportunities  .

Worldwide MBA Recruiting

Ms. Isabell Schönemann
Phone: +49 89 9230-9583

To apply for MBA positions worldwide, please go to our job opportunities  .

Support staff

Ms. Melanie Wenderdel
Phone +49 89 9230-8124

To apply, please go to our job opportunities  .


Roland Berger GmbH
Human Resources
Sederanger 1
80538 Munich


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