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Welcome to Roland Berger North America

Welcome to the website of Roland Berger, a top player in the premier league of international consultancies. We serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market. We pride ourselves on developing creative strategies and implementing practical solutions.

We've been conducting business in North America for well over a decade, and currently have offices in Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal. Our rapid growth in North America complements our exceptionally strong position in Europe and Asia.

Retooling for the "new normal" Oil & Gas industry environment
Sep 18, 2015

The "new normal" future oil industry environment will be characterized by lower prices, higher volatility and shorter cycles. E&P operators are pursuing strategies to improve resource productivity, lower total operating costs, and reduce risk ...  >>

Consolidation in vehicle electronic architectures
Jul 23, 2015

The master key to unlocking value in the next generation of "smart cars" – A THINK ACT study  >>

Automotive Insights 01.2015

Automotive Insights 01.2015  

Oct 08, 2015

Talking about a revolution? The latest issue of our Automotive Insights magazine is devoted to the... >>

COO Insights 2014

The magazine for Chief Operating...  

Dec 10, 2014

Industry 4.0 is a huge issue at every large manufacturer in Europe. Based on talks with management... >>

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